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Potrait Drawing 101 Using a Grid w/Anna Doll

Do have a photograph of someone you care for that you would love to draw? This class teaches you to draw a portrait from a photograph of your choice by using a grid. You will learn how to shade from various pencil techniques. This is a great beginner portrait drawing class. Supply list available online.

6 Tuesdays: Jan 3 – Feb 7

1 PM – 3 PM

$125 members – $150 non-members



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Still Life/Floral Painting-A Classical Approach w/Stephanie Amato

This class is for the oil painter or pastelist who is interested in developing their individual style and furthering their technical ability.  Working from still life/floral setups, the student will be guided with demonstrations focusing on composition, value, temperature and design. Group and individual critiques will help highlight the artist’s strength and progress. All levels welcome.

4 Tuesdays: 1-4 PM

Session 1: Jan 17 – Feb 7

Session 2: Mar 28 – Apr 18

Session 3: May 2 – 23

$125 members – $150 non-members



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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain w/ Mary Frances Hull

Based on workshop textbook by Betty Edwards. Drawing is a skill anyone can learn. If you are an absolute beginner, this class is right up your alley! Let this class help debunk any objections that you have about the ability to draw! Great class for children who love to draw! Email questions to musesroost@gmail.com.

 6 Thursdays: 1 PM – 2 PM

 Session 1 (first half of the book): Jan 19 through Feb 23

Session 2 (second half of the book): Mar 2 through  Apr 6

 $100 members – $125 non-members



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Beginners Drawing with Anita Ford

This course will introduce students to basic methods and media involved in drawing. The class will emphasize drawing from observation, development of negative/positive space, shape, composition, line, edge development and  understanding  value and composition.

6 Thursdays: 6 PM – 8 PM

 Session 1: Jan 12 – Feb 16

Session 2: Mar 2 – Apr 6

Session 3: Apr 20 – May 25

 $120 members – $145 non-members



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Independent Study Group w/Mary Frances Hull

The instructor will work closely with the attendees to help them further their own personal style and skill level.  Best suited for students who seek guidance to expand and explore their art. Students should bring their own materials, tools and ideas to work with during class. Welcome media include: Water color, acrylic, drawing, pastels, clay, mosaic, colored pencil.

8 Wednesdays: Jan 11 – March 1

1 – 3pm

$160 Members – $185 Non-Members


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