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Piano Night

This semester’s UNG Chamber Orchestra Spring concert features a wide variety of musical works, some of which is very familiar if you are a fan of movies!  The ensemble will perform Shostakovich’s ‘Waltz no. 2’ from his Jazz Suite, which was featured on the soundtrack to Netflix’s “Bridgerton”.  Also included is the famous theme from the blockbuster film franchise “Jurassic Park”.  The concert is rounded out by a jazzy number called “Jazz Pizzicato” by Leroy Anderson, which is performed completely with by plucking the strings with fingers instead of using bows, and Peter Warlock’s beautiful “Capriol Suite”.  Students of the ensemble are joined by UNG faculty performers Dr. Philip Snyder, cello, Dr. Serena Scibelli, violin, and Dr. Luca Lombardi, bass. The concert will air on Monday, April 26th @ 7:30 pm on the UNG Music Department YouTube Channel.

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A Little Night(Hawk) Music Recital

The fifth installment of this season’s A Little Night(hawk) Music Recital Series will showcase the flute through its versatility and captivating style. Presented by Dr. Tia Roper, the performance will feature the instrument in works of virtuosity and lyricism, highlighting extended techniques, 21st century nuances, and baroque lyrical genres, bringing to light the infinite capabilities of the instrument. The musical selections will embrace a combination of classical, contemporary, and popular modes, exhibiting a full exploration of today’s modern flute.  Join us for this virtual concert on Monday, March 1, 2021 at 7:30p.m. presented via the UNG Music Department YouTube channel.  For additional information on this and other upcoming events, please visit us at https://ung.edu/music/music-events.php or contact us at 678-717-3930 or music@ung.edu.

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